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Brochures & Fact Sheets

    PDF logo IBEC Brochure [English] [Khmer]
    PDF logo IBEC Fact Sheet [English] [Khmer]


    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 1 (March 2010) [English] [Khmer]
    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 2 (June 2010) [English] [Khmer]
    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 3 (September 2010) [English] [Khmer]
    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 4 (December 2010) [English] [Khmer]
    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 5 (March 2011) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 6 (May 2011) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 7 (September 2011) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 8 (December 2011) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 9 (April 2012) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 10 (June 2012) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 11 (September 2012) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 12 (December 2012) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 13 (March 2013) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 14 (May 2013) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 15 (September 2013) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 16 (December 2013) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 17 (February 2014) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 18 (April 2014) [English] [Khmer]

    PDF logo IBEC Newsletter No. 19 (August 2014) [English] [Khmer]


    PDF logo IBEC First Quarterly Report (January 2010)
    PDF logo IBEC Second Quarterly Report (April 2010)
    PDF logo IBEC Third Quarterly Report (July 2010)
    PDF logo IBEC Annual Report for Year 1 (October 2010)
    PDF logo IBEC Fifth Quarterly Report (January 2011)
    PDF logo IBEC Sixth Quarterly Report (April 2011)

    PDF logo IBEC Seventh Quarterly Report (July 2011)
    PDF logo IBEC Annual Report for Year 2 (October 2011)
    PDF logo IBEC Ninth Quarterly Report (January 2012)
    PDF logo IBEC Tenth Quarterly Report (April 2012)
    PDF logo IBEC Eleventh Quarterly Report (July 2012)
    PDF logo IBEC Annual Report for Year 3 (October 2012)
    PDF logo IBEC Thirteen Quarterly Report (January 2013)
    PDF logo IBEC Fourteen Quarterly Report (April 2013)
    PDF logo IBEC Fifteen Quarterly Report (July 2013)
    PDF logo IBEC Annual Report for Year 4 (Octorber 2013)
    PDF logo IBEC Seventeen Quarterly Report (December 2014)
    PDF logo IBEC Eighteen Quarterly Report (March 2014)
    PDF logo IBEC Nineteen Quarterly Report (August 2014)
    PDF logo IBEC Twenty Quarterly Report (March 2015)

Success Stories

    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_1: Scholarships Help Dreams Come True
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_2: Community Support Creates New Opportunities
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_3: IBEC Opens 18th Thin Client Computer Labs
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_4: Motivated by Tutoring
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_5: Scholarships Helping to Reduce Absenteeism
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_6: Preparations for the Local Life Skills Program Pilot
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_7: Promoting Critical Thinking in the Classroom through Improved Science Education
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_8: Tiny but Bold
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_9: Students Raise Awareness in Their Community
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_10: Some Impressive Achievements for a Student Council at Prasat Bakorng High School
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_11: Students Take Learning Deeper through Subject Clubs
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_12: Giving Scholarships an Extra Boost through Community Outreach
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_13: Development of a Life Skill Comic Book for High School Students
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_14: Promoting Access Through Outreach to Minority & Marginalized Population
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_15: Following Yan’s Example to Complete Lower Secondary School
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_16: Making a Dream Come True
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_17: Child Help Networks and Scholarships Make a Difference
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_18: Schools Helping Families Has Major Impact on Reducing Poverty
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_19: How the Preliminary Life Skills Pilot is Going in Target Schools
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_20: Sustainable Life Skills Education Linked to Income Generation Activities
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_21: Helping Teachers Continue Their Self-Development
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_22: From Child Labor Back to School Again
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_23: Best Development Practices Ensure Continuity in Human Development
    PDF logo IBEC Success Story_24: A Female Teacher Makes a Big Difference

Technical Document

    PDF logoHand On Science Teahcer Manual


    PDF logoScholarship Report

Additional Project Information

    PDF logo IBEC Problem Analysis
    PDF logo IBEC Strategic Framework