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Component 4: Improved Educational Relevance

Photograph of teachers and children.

IBEC seeks to improve the relevance of educational programming through Component 4, which focuses on life skills development, teacher education and improving access to Information Technology (IT). IBEC’s life skills curriculum development is based upon the Ministry’s National Life Skills Education Policy which includes General Life Skills, Pre-vocational Skills and Career Skills. IBEC will work closely with counterparts at the Department of Curriculum Development and other stakeholders to develop a conceptual Life Skills Framework, which will guide the design of Implementation Guidelines and a series of discrete modules for implementation in schools. Technical Support Groups (TSGs) in each school are the primary mediators for life skills delivery. IBEC staff provide training workshops to TSG members who in turn train selected teachers in using the life skills curriculum menu.

The teacher education activities are guided by the Child Friendly School concept and related quality enhancing methodologies such as cooperative learning. Finally IBEC aims to improve access to IT through the establishment of computer labs using the innovative thin-client technology. These facilities will support and enrich the learning process by using it for student projects, research and presentations.