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Component 1: Local NGO and Government Capacity Building and Advocacy for Sustainability

Photograph of teachers and children.

To ensure that local implementing partners improve their overall ability to provide quality basic education services, IBEC is joining forces with existing local structures and building upon their strengths. IBEC’s main approach is to establish effective relationships with partners which are mutually complementary and supportive to achieve its mission. Through Component 1, IBEC will assist partners to strengthen their overall organizations to improve services to basic education in such a way that partners ‘own’ the capacity-building process; in other words, the capacity-building program will be designed by the NGO, CBO and government staff themselves. Another aspect of IBEC’s approach to local capacity building and sustainability is an interactive, beneficiary-friendly assessment process to assess the needs of the organization, including its strength and weaknesses. IBEC utilizes the Discussion-Oriented Organizational Self-Assessment (DOSA) technique to help organizations conduct self-assessments and to identify areas of improvement in order to better provide quality services. Over five years of the IBEC project, institution-building activities will focus on management and governance in addition to equipping schools and communities to advocate for funding support from the local government.